Oh, Hey!

My name is Jamie K. Leach, I'm an interactive designer based in the Bay Area. With six years of higher education and about five years of work experience in the digital space, I'm a leader in the field of visual design, interactive experiences, and creative development. 

Currently I'm part of the Knowledge UX Design team at Google, where we try to make information easier to access (I know, woah). Previously, I worked at Art, Copy & Code, Apple, founded my own creative consultancy, and did a stint at a mobile and emerging platforms agency. 

I dream about building experiences that people are excited to use, that drive new, intuitive user behaviors, that look spectacular and feel delightful. I am also a huge believer in the side project - whether it’s something small like wedding invitations, or something big like a dating platform, I always have at least one thing brewing on the side. 

Every designer claims pixel perfection and obsessive attention to detail, but seriously, you should see how organized my Photoshop files are.