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My name is Jamie, I'm a designer with about ten years of experience mostly in mobile. I've worked on a bit of everything, from branding & creative direction to mobile ui & user experience. But my strength lies somewhere between product development and extensible design systems. 

Currently I'm part of the Search UX Design team at Google, where we try to make information universally accessible and useful (I know, woah!) I get to lead the recipe search experience, and work on developing the core Search mobile UI framework. I am the luckiest; I'm almost always the dumbest person in the room which means I have the biggest opportunity to grow, I am seduced by the complexity of the design challenges I face everyday, and I get to create work that touches billions of people all over the world, every day. 

Outside of work, I love helping friends with invitations or small business branding, and documenting my culinary obsessions. 


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Need a designer? Do you want to make a poster featuring cats and lightening bolts? Have an idea for a side project? 

Or maybe you're in need of something a tad more serious like Wedding Invitations, business cards or some app design.  

Hollaback, girl.

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