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Mushroom Pies


Mushroom Pies

First, make mushroom broth. Srsly no short cuts.

  • 1lb mushrooms,
  • onion, charred leek, shallot

Second, turn it into gravy

  • Soften mirepoix or shallots and fennel in butter
  • Deglaze slowly with a half bottle dry Sherry
  • Simmer with garlic, sage, rosemary, and thyme
  • Whisk in a medium roux and slowly add broth

Then, assemble and bake @400 30ish mins

  • Add 2lbs maitakes / oyster / trumpets to gravy
  • Mix in corn / fennel / peas / potato dumpling
  • Add to pie shells*, egg wash sea salt and herb


*I like Thomas Keller's pie dough recipe, and making them into hot pockets, but a premade pie dough is just a good.