Jamie K Leach Design
  To preface the highly anticipated release of   Mockingjay: Part 1  , we created District Voices, a series of propaganda videos for   CAPITOL TV  , the official channel of the fictional Capitol of Panem. In each episode, one of YouTube's popular content creators explains the expertise of their district, giving viewers a peek into an expanded backstory for this enigmatic world. District Voices lets fans experience life in Panem, the fictional nation in which the stories take place, and gives them the chance to see their favorite YouTube creators shine.    With help from the   YouTube Space LA  , we identified creators whose talents fit with the specialties of Panem’s districts. We worked collaboratively with creators on the content of each video, and then transformed them into into citizens of the districts, with authentic costumes & set design, and real props from the films.    Developed in partnership with Tool and Lionsgate, my role was primarily in ideation, concept development, and communication design.

Mockingjay Pt.1: District Voices

The Hunger Games series has a following of enthusiastic fans who are eager for content that extends beyond the movies. Leading up to the release of Mockingjay: Part 1, Lionsgate partnered with YouTube creators to bring fans deeper into the fictional world of this wildly popular entertainment franchise, bringing the film to life for fans and give them a never-before-seen look at Panem’s districts. Read more about the work.